Top Five Summer Storage Tips

Admin | August 17, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Summer is a time for backyard barbecues, camping trips and pool parties—it’s also the perfect time for renting a storage unit. Using self storage can help you declutter your house before that Fourth of July party, keep dorm room essentials safe in between semesters and ensure that your items will be secure and organized so you can enjoy a worry-free vacation. So what exactly should you look for when you rent a storage unit this summer? Read on for our top five tips on getting the most out of your self storage experience, and then rent a storage unit online.

1. Get Climate Control

Summer in California means warmer temperatures, increased humidity and coastal breezes from the Pacific Ocean. If you’re renting a storage unit in Chula Vista, Bellflower, Fullerton, South Gate, Escondido, South El Monte, Huntington Beach, Chino, Gardena, Pomona or the Los Angeles area, it’s important to rent a storage unit with climate control this summer. Climate control does exactly what the name implies: it controls the climate inside your storage unit, keeping both temperature and humidity at a safe level. Climate controlled storage is recommended for electronics, musical instruments, art, photos, bicycles, books and anything that is susceptible to rust or mold.

2. Stay Cool During Your Move

Loading up a storage unit is a surprisingly physically demanding task—that’s why you often feel sore the day after a move. Storage Outlet offers handcarts and drive-up access to make it easier, but if you’re moving during a heat wave, you should still take precautions. Wear loose, light clothing, drink beverages with electrolytes, eat salty snacks and take breaks in the shade or in an air conditioned room. Don’t forget to apply—and reapply—sunscreen during a move, even if you’re renting an indoor storage unit.  

3. Store Winter/Seasonal Items in the Back 

Make the most of your storage unit this summer by storing things you’ll need to access often—like camping gear, kids’ sports equipment, bicycles, lawn chairs—in the front and keeping winter and seasonal items in the back. Examples of winter items you may want to store during the summer include holiday decorations, winter coats and ski/snowboard equipment. You can then rotate when the season changes.

4. Rent Early to Get the Storage Unit You Want

Storage is in high demand during the summer season, so rent your storage unit online ASAP, and consider our other nearby locations to get the best price on self storage near you. College students looking for summer storage should start looking in April and can enjoy month-to-month leases until it’s time to go back to school.

5. Make Sure Items Are Clean and Dry Before Storing Them

You just returned from a weekend at Big Bear Lake and you’re exhausted, sunburnt and happy. You’re ready to drop off your tent, sleeping bag and hiking backpack at your storage unit so you can go home and crash. But wait. Storing items that are dirty and/or damp can attract pests to your storage unit. Take the time to wash and dry clothing and other items before storing them, and you’ll be rewarded with a clean and happy storage unit.

Have a question about using self storage this summer? Give us a call or drop by one of our 10 California locations. We’re always happy to help.