Need A Storage Unit Through Your Divorce?

Admin | April 10, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Divorce can be a trying time, add moving to the equation and divorce is exasperating. It might be difficult to condense all the furniture and personal belongs you have into a small house or apartment. With that being the case for a lot of people who find themselves in this situation a storage unit may be the next step for you. Lighthouse Self Storage Miami has affordable rates, storage specials, and no hassle move-in to make things easy on you. If you and your lawyer have talked about getting a smaller living space then look no further than Light House Self Storage Miami Florida.

How To Find A Storage Unit That Is Right During Your Divorce: Speak to your divorce lawyer to see if they have a storage facility they recommend. Remember while looking for a storage unit in the middle of a divorce you should first consider the area you will be moving to distance is key. Miami Florida is a big area so next make sure the distance isn’t going to be an issue Lighthouse Self Storage is conveniently located off the Palmetto Express Way, Near Mall of American and Costco off of Park Blvd, Miami FL. Affordable Storage Units with the option for climate control and drive up drive up storage units available year round and our storage specialists are here to assist you with question about sizing.

Things To Know:

  1. Have a good idea of what you want to store, our storage specialist will help you find the right size storage unit for you. Not knowing what you want to store might run you the risk of getting a storage unit that is too small or too large and this can cause much more stress than you need during your divorce.

  2. Ask for a ground level storage unit, If there are no ground level units left at the storage facility make sure to ask if there is an elevator.

  3. Asks for any promotions or specials they might be running on ALL storage units if you know the amount of time you’ll be staying ask for prepaid storage discounts as well.

  4. Ask about about the storage facilities security features to ensure your personal storage belongings stay safe

Tips On Packing:

Though you might want to run through the house tossing your personal storage belongings into storage bins with no organizations remember but going through those boxes later will be hard. Try to pack like items together and remember to label storage or moving boxes so you know what is in them at all times. Writing the content of each box on a piece of paper and taping it to the box will help go that extra step when all the boxes are lined up looking dauntingly the same as the next. Don’t put it on your brain that is already going through the stress of divorce to remember which box you put that coffee maker in.

Before You Start Moving Or Storing:

The very first thing in a divorce after you have decided to move out is to ask your lawyer if you have the right to move and store your belongings from your home. Your divorce lawyer should advise you on belonging that might belong to both you and your spouse allowing you to avoid any headache of digging through storage for those items later.